No bed without A/C

I just put fans in the windows plus call it good

Right before I lay to rest, I turn the air conditioning on, but my friends have constantly made fun of me for this, but it is true, I don’t care about using my cooling system during the day because it costs a lot of money. I have to use my air conditioning at night though because I cannot sleep without it. It gets too overheated for myself and others to sleep when I don’t use my cooling system. It could sound silly to some, but I have to have air conditioning at night. I told my best friend about it years ago, plus she thought that I was crazy… When people come over to my house, they ask myself and others why it is so overheated in my home, plus I tell them it is because I don’t care about using air conditioning during the day. They make fun of me because it doesn’t really make much sense to everyone. It is warmer during the day, so it would seem to make more sense to use the air conditioning during the day rather than just at nighttime. I truly don’t mind the heat during the day though. It could be a hundred degrees outside during the day, plus I still won’t turn on my cooling system. I just put fans in the windows plus call it good. I can go all day without air conditioning, however I can’t even attempt to fall asleep without air conditioning during the warm season weeks. I may just be a complete weirdo, but I need my air conditioning at night plus not during the day.

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