Being a video game nerd

I have been a video game nerd almost from birth! Way back when I was a little kid and they had some of the real primitive video game systems at home I was on it like there was no tomorrow! I also spent a lot of time in arcades in the summer time months of the year growing up.

While others were hanging out with their friends and causing trouble, I was in the arcades playing video games like the biggest nerd..and I loved every minute of it! I also loved how all the arcades in the summer had really great air conditioning. Air conditioning in the summer while playing in the arcades were very important for me to do a good job when I played all the latest video games on the market. If the air conditioning was lacking, I would always do bad and end up wasting tons of money in the video game machines. Because I am such a video game nerd and I loved the air conditioning so much in the arcades back then, when I got older and got my own home I ended up investing in the best possible central heating and air conditioning system. While playing video games at home today as an adult, I still require that perfect temperature in whatever room I am playing in. And the top of the line central heating and air conditioning system I bought really provides this to me without question! In the summer the air conditioning is just as it was in the arcades back when!



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