Looks like I’m moving in with my bestie

Next year before the warm season begins, I’ve made the choice that I’m going to move in with my bestie.

She’s been trying to get me to move in with her for a long time now, although I have just been putting off making any style of commitment.

I truthfully just savor having our freedom and so I savor living alone for the most part. This is going to sound basically like I’m an awful person, probably, but I’m going to be even-handed here. I’ve been having a great deal of trouble with the heating and cooling device in our household and I particularly don’t want to pay to update or repair the HVAC device. I don’t savor this household and I don’t want to sink any more into the arena than I already have. So when my bestie keeps asking me to transfer in with her, I’ve been feeling more and more tempted to actually do it. That sounds absolutely terrible, I know. What kind of a woman would transfer in with her bestie simply because she doesn’t want to spend any money on upgrading her heating and cooling device? Well, I believe the answer to that is this lady. The other thing is that she recently put in a new high efficiency air conditioning device and radiant heated flooring in her household. That makes moving in with her all the more tempting! She knows that the indoor air conditions in my household are really terrible. I believe she had her HVAC device redone on purpose so that I would be more likely to come and transfer in at her site.

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