Struggling with heating and cooling in older home

I have an older home.

  • It was built in the mid 1800s and despite making a great deal of updates, there are still some issues caused by its age.

We are very happy with the high ceilings, big windows, hardwood floors and gorgeous moldings. We love the hardwood staircase with its intricate banner and the fieldstone fireplace in the living room. At one time, that fireplace provided the primary source of heat. We weren’t interested in cutting and hauling wood and have tried all different types of heating methods. Because the house is not equipped with a centralized duct system, we’ve struggled to combat the severe winter weather in our area. Heating the house with electric baseboard heaters was extremely expensive and not overly effective. A couple of years ago, I finally contacted a professional HVAC contractor and asked what we could to to improve our comfort. He suggested the investment into a high velocity heating and cooling system. This style of temperature control utilizes very narrow, flexible ducts that are able to be snaked through existing walls without causing damage. The mini-ducts are only a couple of inches in diameter but they transport heated and cooled air at a very high rate of speed. The system is able to raise and lower room temperature in a short amount of time. It uses only minimal energy to operate and because the ducts are thoroughly insulated, it’s wonderfully quiet. We are so happy to finally have a thermostat to control the temperature in every room in the house. We’ve gotten rid of the box fans, window air conditioners and space heaters.
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