Heat pumps are an amazing innovation

I think that electric air-source heat pumps are one of the most amazing inventions.

This innovative technology combines heating and cooling capacity into a single unit.

The system works by moving heat from one location to another. Rather than burn fossil fuels to generate heat, it takes advantage of ambient heat in the outdoor air. Even when the weather is chilly, there’s still heat energy available. The heat pump draws this heat out of the air, compresses it to a higher temperature and delivers it into the house. For cooling purposes, the heat pump operates very similarly to a conventional air conditioner. It extracts heat from inside the house and utilizes refrigerant to convey it outdoors. The heat pump’s ability to literally reverse the direction of operation makes it a year round temperature control solution. Because there is no combustion process, the system produces no greenhouse gases and is wonderfully environmentally friendly. Today’s generation of heat pumps feature adaptable speed technology. THe system can adjust in one percent increments between forty and one hundred percent capacity to deliver the precise amount of heating or cooling to maintain ideal comfort. This makes the system exceptionally energy efficient and quiet. Plus, it provides very consistent temperatures. A heat pump won’t overly dry out the air like a gas furnace will, It’s better at dehumidification than a traditional air conditioner. They are a bit more expensive to purchase and more complicated to install, but the added cost is worth it. The heat pump will quickly pay for itself and add a great deal of value to the home.

Air conditioning expert