Installing a humidifier to help with psoriasis symptoms

I suffer from a skin condition called psoriasis.

  • It’s where specific areas of the skin regenerate too quickly, creating a buildup that has a scaly appearance.

It can sometimes become red, itchy and sore. For me, psoriasis is only a problem on my knees and elbows. It can get bad enough that the skin cracks and bleeds, and the ugly appearance is often embarrassing. I’ve looked into prescription medication, but it’s extremely expensive and not overly effective. I’ve tried all sorts of over-the-counter lotions and home remedies. Even a treatment that provides improvement won’t remain effective for very long. I’ve noticed that my symptoms worsen during the winter, when the air lacks humidity. I live in a northern area where the weather is brutal and the season seems to last forever. We endure temperatures in the negatives, which means that the furnace is running constantly for about six months. The heater makes the concern over dry air a bigger problem. Static cling, chapped lips, frizzy hair, itchy eyes, headaches and even sore throats are some of the signs of insufficient humidity. Dry skin is also a common side-effect and for me, the psoriasis becomes painful. To create a more comfortable and healthier home, I’ve invested in a humidifier. The humidifier is installed into the heating system, adding moisture to the air as it passes through. By maintaining ideal humidity levels, the air feels warmer. I’m able to lower the thermostat setting a bit. I’ve lessened demands on the furnace, lowered my monthly energy bills and seen an improvement in my issues with psoriasis.

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