Heat and Air is Controlled By Building

I love my apartment.

  • It’s the first one I’ve ever lived in on my own, and I’ve had a great time making it feel cozy and warm.

One of the best parts about my apartment is that it’s one giant building, and all the individual apartments are within the building, meaning, you have to have a code to enter the front door, which takes you to the front lobby. I love that my front door isn’t directly onto the street, but instead, it’s down a hallway with multiple other people. I feel much safer this way, especially because I’m living by myself. Even though I knew I”d feel safer, I was worried that my neighbors would be an issue. I shared two walls with neighbors, so if they were noisy, I’d hear it. Thankfully, I live between an elderly lady and a middle aged man who I rarely see. While I love many things about this apartment, there’s one thing that drives me nuts. I have no control over the HVAC system! The owner of the building regulates the temperature for the entire building. Basically, there are two temperature settings. I have heat during the winter months and air during the summer months. I’m not sure what the exact temperature ever is, but I can tell when the owner switches between heat and air. Three weeks ago, the air was shut off and the heat was turned on. I believe the switch is made during the same weekends each year, because it was still 75 degrees outside when the heat was turned on! I had to open my two tiny windows and pray for a breeze.

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