Ductless Mini Split System in My Tiny Home

Something I’ve always dreamed about is owning my own home.

  • I didn’t want just any home, I specifically wanted a tiny home.

The American dream with the large house, picket white fence, and the perfect job was not a dream I had. I wanted to go the unconventional route by owning small and practical things. I didn’t want to buy fancy furniture and fill a home with useless junk that was left untouched. When I met with a builder about constructing my perfect tiny home, I had one big concern. Nothing I’d seen had an HVAC system installed, which concerned me. A tiny home is too small to have ductwork, so that left me with one option. The contractor would install a ductless mini split system, which would keep my home warm or cool, depending on the weather. The ductless mini split system allowed me to install two HVAC units on two separate walls. I put one in the living space and one in my bedroom. I could turn them on individually, to whatever temperature settings I preferred, with a small remote. If I only wanted air in my bedroom, then I could turn that ductless mini system on individually. If I wanted heat in the living space and air in my bedroom, I could set them accordingly. The ductless mini systems could easily heat and cool my tiny home for a fraction of the price of a central HVAC system. They would also run really efficiently, which meant I could save a lot of money on my monthly utility bills.

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