My mom has actually been spoiling her pet

My mom has actually been spoiling her pet & it’s starting to drive me crazy.

I appreciate animals just as much as the next person, however I actually don’t guess that they need the same treatment as humans, especially when it comes to the heating & cooling method in their house, and my mom has started setting the thermostat method in her home especially for her pet. Now, if you’re a normal person love me, setting your thermostat so that your pet is more comfortable than you are sounds just a little bit crazy, then but my mom continues to do it! Last week, the weather started cooling off around here & my mom was worried that her pet was too cold, and forget about the fact that the pet has a fur coat on that she wears all the time. My mom decided that but she was perfectly fine with the temperature inside her house, she actually needed to turn the oil furnace method on because the pet was chilly. My mom particularly had to put on a tank top & shorts inside her home because she was too hot, & yet she kept the heating method running because she was worried about the pet. It’s the silliest thing I have ever seen, truthfully. My mother insists that she isn’t actually spoiling the pet, however I remember over the summer time how she would turn the air conditioner way down & leave it running full blast at the home even when both of us were leaving to go anywhere together. She said it was because the pet might get too hot while both of us were gone.

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