Winterizing the family cabin is expensive

A few years ago when my father passed away and my brothers and I had a lot of decisions to make.

Suddenly, we were responsible for all of his property and belongings.

We had to figure out the legal issues that decided how all of his worldly possessions would be dealt with. It was very stressful and we wound up making more than a few mistakes. One of them included hanging onto the old family cabin where he used to live. We thought we should keep his memory alive by utilizing the rudimentary structure which was located in the far north part of the country. We realized that it was very cold up there most of the year and nobody would enjoy the outdoor air temperature enough to utilize the property. However, in the summers the relatively cool air was going to be a godsend for anyone who needed a vacation. We decided that the cost of an air conditioning system was manageable. We never stopped and considered the fact that it costs money to prepare a property for an ice cold winter season. It actually is rather complicated to keep a house from being destroyed by cold weather. First of all, you can’t turn off the heating system. If you turn off the heat your pipes will burst and the property will be ruined. Therefore, we have to keep the old boiler system running to provide heat to the house even when nobody is there. Each year we spend a fortune in energy bills when no one is even utilizing the old house.


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