Someone stole all the firewood

I really have to wonder about humans sometimes.

I want to believe that they are mostly inherently good.

However, the fact is that I have seen this disproven over and over again in my lifetime. I am definitely a bit jaded when it comes to trusting other members of my species. It doesn’t help that people are continually providing new evidence to solidify this suspicion of the species. Recently, my fear of people was proven once again when I attempted to go spend time with my mom and realized that we were in the middle of a heating disaster. My mom lives in a cold and distant part of the country that I tend to avoid. I am not a fan of brutal outdoor air temperatures that dip below 0 degrees on a regular basis. I really don’t enjoy using a central heating system day in and day out to survive. It’s not my idea of fun to shovel a driveway or rely on a forced air furnace to keep frostbite at bay. All of that being said, I thought that I could suck it up and have a nice holiday with my mom despite the cold indoor and outdoor climates. Little did I know, I was going to arrive at her house just in time to have zero heat. Apparently, my mom’s central heating system had broken down a few weeks earlier. Rather than repairing the expensive furnace system that kept her alive, she was relying on her traditional wood burning fireplace for warmth. The morning that I arrived at her house was the morning when she went outside to gather some wood… Only to realize that the entire stack of heating fuel was stolen. I’m freezing cold and I hate people.
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