House will need full ductwork replacement; mold

A few months ago my husband and I made a very bad decision. We have been trying to get into the real estate game for several years now due to our mutual interest in flipping properties and performing DIY repairs. We were certain that we could spot a nugget of gold among a pile of crap. So, when the housing market took a dive we decided to invest in a local property for the first time. Little did we know, we were getting in way over our heads. The trouble all started when we got into the house and realized that the indoor air smelled terrible. It seemed like the house had been sealed up with mold and mildew for a century. The more we looked around, the more damage that we found from airborne humidity and contaminants. We knew that it wouldn’t be a big deal to take care of the mold and mildew along the walls and windows… But then we started thinking about the central heating and cooling system. How was the HVAC equipment fairing considering this air quality issue was clearly an ongoing problem? We started investigating the heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment little by little. We found that the furnace and air conditioning unit were relatively new and they were in working order. However, every time we utilized the heating or cooling system we were exposed to the noxious odor of mold and mildew again. That’s when we made a horrible discovery… The airborne contaminants were emanating from the extensive ductwork. All of the ductwork was filled with mold and mildew and would need to be replaced. Now we have a real investment on our hands.


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