I get distracted to easily and it can cost me sometimes

One of my flaws is that I can sometimes get distracted.

  • While this isn’t always bad, it can definitely be bad when I am doing something important, get distracted, and then forget what I was originally doing.

This is something I unfortunately combat while working, I start out with a great work ethic, and then something whether it be a thought or something physical, distracts me and my mind wanders for a few minutes. A few minutes isn’t too bad, if it wasn’t for the fact that I probably get distracted every 10 minutes or so. My wife has really gotten on to me about this, because I keep messing stuff up. Just a few days ago, she left to pick up leftover groceries and left me with the responsibility of watching over the food cooking. Well, I became distracted by something interesting on TV and forgot about it, and it was burned. My wife wasn’t happy and we had to eat leftovers. My easily distracted nature almost got me into trouble this week as well. You see, I was supposed to call a HVAC business for an appointment for HVAC maintenance. It was that time of the year where our heating and cooling unit needs maintenance. I mentally reminded myself not to forget, but then I was distracted by someone walking their dog outside. I didn’t remember to make the HVAC appointment until a few days later when it just randomly popped up in my head. Thankfully, my wife never found out about that one, and we are supposed to have the HVAC technician out this Friday.

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