Some people just don't listen

Okay, I need to vent a little.

One of the things I really hate about some people is how they naturally assume they are better than you, especially at your job.

I don’t know when being a HVAC specialist has become something of lower status to some people, but it’s very annoying. Anyways, there’s a few repeat customers I have at my HVAC business, and they are the type I hate to deal with. The type that instantly assumes they know more than you, and any advice you give just goes through one ear and out the other. It’s insanely frustrating. A great example of this is last Thursday, I went to one of these customer’s houses, because their A/C was making a strange clicking noise, and not the usual clicking noise they make when they turn on. I go and inspect the air conditioning unit, and I see why it is making a strange noise. The capacitor was about to fail, which was serious and could mess up their entire heating and cooling system. Suddenly, they changed their mind and thought I was over worrying and figured that it was a branch tapping against their HVAC device. I’m not sure why they would call me out if they thought it was a branch, but whatever, it’s their money. I warned them anyway that they needed a new capacitor, but I could tell that they weren’t listening. Guess what I had to do a few weeks later? Yep, replace their entire air conditioning device because the capacitor had destroyed it. I still have this customer, and they still don’t listen to me. Some people never learn.

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