I love working out in my barn now

At first, when my wife told me that I was going to be working out in the barn from now on, I was a little frustrated.

  • I had a workout room in my house, but I had gathered too much equipment for the small room that I was working out in.

Furthermore, I was causing some damage to the floors and to the walls while I was working out, and my workouts made the whole house smell bad. However, the workout room in my house had HVAC units, and the barn definitely did not have HVAC units. I had an air conditioner in the room, and without an air conditioner in the barn, I was exercising while the temperature was 90 degrees. However, the barn also didn’t have a furnace, and exercising in the cold without a heater was even worse than exercising without an air conditioner. My wife knew how much I hated working out without the HVAC units, but she still insisted that I exercise in the barn. I understood why she wanted me to, but I was miserable without my HVAC units. However, she surprised me by having someone come to insulate my entire barn. Then, an HVAC technician came out to put a few ductless mini-split air conditioners in my barn. These would work as heating and cooling systems. Now, I could be comfortable while working out in my barn. I used to hate working out in my barn, but with my new HVAC units, I absolutely love it. I can’t believe that my wife actually bought HVAC units for the barn just so that I could exercise. She must really love me.


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