I don’t like camping without HVAC units

I honestly hate camping.

I know that there are some people that can’t wait until they can pull out their tent and go camping during the summer.

However, I never go camping. I just don’t understand why anyone would want to go camping. They are literally paying money to sleep poorly without any space. They don’t have clean showers or bathrooms. They are paying money to suffer. The main reason that I don’t go camping is that I can’t bring my HVAC units along with me. Sure, I could purchase an RV with HVAC units, but the RV would cost more money than my car, and I don’t want to waste my money on an RV. However, without an HVAC unit, I wouldn’t camp. During the summer, I have HVAC units that keep me perfectly comfortable. During the day, my air conditioner is running, and it keeps my house nice and cool. During the night, my house is properly insulated, so even if the temperatures are cold outside, I still stay warm even without a heating system. However, when you go camping, you do not have this luxury. During the day, the tent heats up enough to be compared to a furnace. Without an air conditioner, you can’t even take a nap without being on fire. During the evening, all of the heat leaves your tent, and you are freezing. You almost need both an air conditioner and a space heater just to be comfortable while you are camping. That is why I strongly believe that staying at home with your HVAC units is the best way to go camping. Why would you leave the comfort of your own house?

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