The old photo shop

Way back in the day I used to work at an old photo shop.

These were one of those photo shops that people went to have pictures developed at.

Long before the instant things we have today with cell phone cameras and digital photography, this was the way and the only way to take pictures! I really enjoyed working at this place. Not only because the job itself was relaxed and the people were great, but also because in the summer time they had the best air conditioning any place of business could have! While other people I knew were working in hot offices with lousy working air conditioning systems, we had the best air conditioning provided by one of the first central air conditioning systems to ever hit the market back then. What got me thinking about the old photo shop and the air conditioning system was when the central heating and cooling system went out at the office I work in today. I was thinking back to my very first job right out of high school, and I remember that back then most businesses did not have air conditioning that worked very well…if at all. And how lucky I was to actually have central air conditioning at that time. Today we take things for granted that we did not always have…like central air conditioning in a place of business or work. Not that it makes it any easier when things like this happen and you are without air conditioning. But, it is something to remember for us older folks still out there in the work world like I am.

Cooling equipment