Counting the afternoons

I can not wait till it is time to retire! I am getting real close as well as I am counting the afternoons I have left, then i have exactly 62 afternoons till our retirement! I have been a heating as well as A/C specialist at a single of the local heat as well as cooling system dealerships in our part the last 40 years. I consider myself fortunate that I was able to work at this same heating as well as A/C supplier all of these years, however usually heating as well as A/C repair companies go under after about 20 years or they change ownership because of the ever adjusting ways of the Heating plus A/C business, however this supplier was family owned as well as is still going strong to this afternoon! I remember I started toiling for these people right when I was fresh out of school as well as got our heating as well as cooling certification! That is difficult to believe that was near 41 years ago now! This heating as well as A/C supplier hired me right away as well as offered me the steady job I have had all of our adult life. The owners changed within the family when the original a singles passed away about 2 years ago, but it’s still the same family. Their teenagers took over, whom I have known since they were born! Never the less, I am looking forward to our well deserved retirement from the heating as well as A/C industry. I will be spending more time at home with our partner as well as just enjoying whatever life I have left. It will be legitimately nice.

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