I was freaked out when the HVAC tech explained why he didn’t show to our appointment

The other day when I arranged to have an HVAC technician come over to work on my cooling system, I was disappointed when the technician didn’t show up.

I actually called the HVAC company and they apologized and said an HVAC technician would arrive first thing in the morning.

It was mostly disappointing because I had to take off work and wait around, and now I would have to take another day off from work. Well, the HVAC technician did arrive first thing in the morning and he apologized profusely for not making it for our appointment to repair my cooling system. He explained that an unexpected situation happened at the previous client’s home. He said that he was going to repair a refrigerant leak under the house, and there was a nest of snakes down there! He said it really scared him and they had to get animal control out there right away. He couldn’t just leave the client hanging, but he also couldn’t do anything until the snakes were removed. I was actually freaked out when I heard about this. I actually wondered if it were possible that I had the same issue with my cooling system. It turned out that he just had to replace a certain part for my cooling system, and then everything was working fine again. He told me that it was rare to encounter snakes under the house like that and that’s the first time that ever happened to him. That made me feel a little better, but you never know. I just hope I never find myself in a situation like that.


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