Decided to upgrade my heating system to natural gas

When I first moved into my new home, I thought the HVAC system was pretty nice.

There was an electric furnace and I thought that was great because of the safety concerns with gas heating systems.

Well, when I went through my first winter season with the electric furnace, the energy bills shot through the roof. I couldn’t believe how much I was paying for my monthly energy bills. I desperately wanted to save money, so I tried lowering the temperature control settings and using some portable heaters and blankets to keep me warm. I still was paying an arm and a leg for my energy bills. When I got into the spring season, I decided it was time to change my heating system to natural gas. So I had the HVAC company work on the heating system replacement. I have to admit, it was rather costly to have this done, but I did not want to have to continue paying so much money for my energy bills through the winter season. When I had my new gas furnace installed, I was really pleased with it. I honestly couldn’t wait to go through the next winter and see how well it performed. When I finally reached the winter months, I was really impressed with how well my home was heated and how low my heating bills were. It definitely makes sense because gas is cheaper than electricity. Sure, there are safety concerns with a gas furnace, but you just have to make sure to get your regular HVAC system maintenance to be safe in your home.

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