Work is dangerous everyday for me

Lately, I wish I could stay home instead of going to work each morning.

The covid-19 virus is a very real and scary thing, and I don’t want to bring that trouble back to my home after a long day of work.

Unfortunately, I can’t work from home in my line of business. I am an HVAC technician by trade. I handle a lot of repair and installation services on all kinds of heating, ventilation, and cooling equipment. Things are very dangerous right now, but I am doing my best to stay safe. I’ve been wearing gloves and a mask everyday. I try to maintain a safe distance from all of my customers, but they have a tendency to make that difficult. A lot of folks are not taking the virus seriously. They listen to inaccurate news feeds and disregard science with total skepticism. Yesterday, one of my customers was extremely upset because I refused to shake his hand. I carefully tried to dodge the issue, but he insisted. I had to explain why I thought that was a bad idea. The guy looked at me as if I was crazy. He stared at me the entire time that I was working on his A/C unit. When I was getting ready to leave the property, the guy extended his hand again. I reached out with my gloved hand and he rolled his eyes and walked away. I am doing everything I can to stay safe, but some of these HVAC customers are downright dangerous to my health. I’m not sure how long I can continue to work under these extraordinary circumstances.



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