The air in the doctor office was cleaner than usual

Six years ago, I had a terrible car accident that left me with two broken legs.

I had to go to physical therapy for six months before I could learn how to walk again. I still visit the chiropractor once each week to deal with the back pain. I was taking pain pills for a long time, and the addiction was starting to affect my daily life. I went to rehab and decided to visit a holistic chiropractor. I feel a lot of pain relief since I started going to the chiropractor. I have been seeing the doctor for 18 months now and I still go once every week. I feel great after leaving the office. Even though there are a lot of dangerous germs in the air right now, I still choose to go see the doctor each week. If I don’t see the chiropractor, then I rarely sleep more than two or three hours in the evening. I’m glad to see that my doctor is following great routines and procedures when it comes to safety, health, and hygiene for the patients. They have a small amount of staff working and all of the patients are staggered with appointments. The doctor even bought a few portable air cleaners to put in the lobby, for an office, and therapy room. The portable air cleaners have been running for about a month now, and I can tell that the air inside of the office is much cleaner than usual. The portable air cleaners are working very well and I think they are removing all of the harmful germs from the indoor air.

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