I smell something awful in the kitchen

I have never been so thankful for my portable air purifier.

I came home from work yesterday, and I found out that my kids tried to make brownies.

They were trying to make the brownies faster, so they turned up the temperature on the oven to 450 degrees. The kids didn’t understand that this would cause the brownies to turn into hockey pucks. The brownies were inedible and the entire kitchen was filled with a dark cloud of smoke. The kids had all of the kitchen windows open, but the whole area still smelled like burnt chocolate. I quickly went to the bedroom and unplugged the air purifier that sits in the corner of the room. I carried it out to the kitchen and plugged it into the wall behind the table. I told the kids to go outside and play while I cleaned up the kitchen area. I let the air purifier run for two or three hours, and all of the odor eventually went away. I was extremely thankful for the portable air purifier. When I decided to purchase the equipment, I was going to have an air purifier placed inside of the HVAC equipment. At the last minute, I decided that I wanted something portable and cheaper. Instead of spending $2,000 for the whole home air purifier, I only spent $200 on a very nice portable air purifier that I keep in my bed. I sleep very well at night and my allergies have been reduced by 50%.I’m extremely thankful for the portable air purifier this week, because it helped get rid of the awful odor in the kitchen.