I wonder how this place is still running

A couple of days ago my wife and I started looking at some ways to stay active while under quarantine.

We have never been the type of couple that likes to go to the gym everyday but we do like to move your bodies when we have the chance.

After looking at the options available to us where we live we eventually came to the decision to go on walks in the woods surrounding our home. We weren’t expecting much from these walks other than having some quiet time and talking with one another, but recently while on our walk we stumbled upon an old shack off of the trail. Considering how it looked on the outside we thought it had been long abandoned, however on the inside we were surprised to find that there was an air conditioning unit installed into the window. The air conditioning unit wasn’t actually running at the time, but considering the shape it was in as well as the rest of the tiny shack it was clear that somebody had been taking care of this place. Since it is only a few hundred meters away from the lake we have a strong feeling that it is just a fisherman’s lodge, but it still was pretty strange to find. Regardless of who’s it is, it sure does serve as a nice break stop where we can sit down without getting bitten by mosquitoes and enjoy some A/C. Who knows, maybe one day we will be able to meet this stranger who takes care of this old shack.

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