A clearance priced heater

My region was graced with a milder than average Winter season, with lows never breaking 35 degrees at night. Although I grew up in chilly conditions further north of where I live now, I would never trade our temperature here for anything in the world. It’s pleasant almost year round, even if the two of us aren’t as lucky as the two of us were recently in having 35 degree and higher Winter temperatures. I don’t live in the tropics and I don’t have palm trees in our yard, however I get to like our shorts and t-shirts throughout the year. With the warm weather comes some bit of respite over utility bills. I use our a/c on and off during Autumn and Spring, while during summer time it’s on almost everyday. Despite having to use indoor cooling so much, the lack of any need for indoor heat during the rest of the year balances the costs out. I have friends up north who have cold winters and summers with more heat and humidity than I do. They have to use a furnace of some kind for nearly many months out of the year, coupled with heavy AC use in June and June before the weather naturally cools off. I try to get through the whole Winter season separate from using our furnace, however I end up putting it on to sleep better if the temperatures outside happen to dip below 40. Last night will honestly be the last time I use our furnace for another many or many months at least. By the time the two of us get to June, I’ll have our Heating and A/C serviceman come out and run repair and service on our oil furnace.

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