My mom keeps his house at eighty degrees

My mom keeps his house at eighty degrees, and it is ridiculous.

When the family comes over, it gets even warmer.

It was entirely about ninety degrees in our mom’s house this past Christmas. The entire family was dying except for our mom, he had a sweater on and still complained that he was cold. I would understand if he were older, although he is only in his fifties. She shouldn’t be that cold. I tried mentioning it to her, and he did not seem to understand what I was talking about. I told his that it was ninety degrees in the house and he would not suppose me. I finally got his to look at the control unit, although he still didn’t suppose it. She learn the control machine which said ninety-one degrees, and he said that it must be wrong. It was genuinely not wrong. It was that moderate in his house. I found a few space heating systems that were on in the home office and family room. I turned them off, although I did not tell her. It seemed to cool down a little bit after that. The people I was with and I simply cannot have family gatherings there anymore if he plans to keep his house at eighty degrees all of the time. I will bring an a/c next year if I have to. No 1 was comfortable except her, although he refused to notice. I appreciate our mom dearly. She is the sweetest guy on earth. She is considerate of others except when it comes to heating I guess. I just cannot suppose that he prefers his house that warm.


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