Friend showed me yoga and I’m obsessed

A few months ago my friend could clearly tell that I wasn’t doing very well.

I had a few difficult years and I think it was obvious that my mental health was affecting the rest of my life. I rarely left the house, I wasn’t being very active, and my health and wellness were suffering. I think it was clear that my fitness was on the decline and she became concerned about my well-being. At that point, she kindly recommended that I attend a yoga studio with her and took some group fitness classes. Apparently, the yoga studio right down the street offered some affordable introductory classes if you signed up for a discounted membership on their website. You were able to sample their class workouts and decide if yoga was really worthwhile for you before committing. I decided to join her for a few group strength training classes and immediately fell in love with the yoga studio. I had never done yoga before or been to a group fitness class, so everything was new and challenging to me. I immediately noticed an improvement in my physical and mental wellness as soon as I started regularly practicing this fitness routine. Now, several months later, I have a full monthly membership to the yoga studio and I’m one of their most fit clients. My body condition has improved enormously and my wellness score has climbed through the roof, overall. I love waking up everyday feeling strong, healthy, and fit. And as great as a tight tush is, I’m really glad that my mental health has improved at the same time.

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