Work insurance offered wellness program and I love it

When I first started my job they didn’t have insurance available for their employees.

Rather than offering health insurance for the entire group, my work was able to provide a $200 monthly stipend so employees could seek their own health insurance if they chose to do so.

Eventually, however, this wasn’t going to cover it. We joined a group health insurance company and I was amazed at what a fantastic experience I had utilizing their fitness and wellness offerings. In order to keep insurance premiums low, you could enroll in special health and fitness programs that tracked your activity each day and give you points for things such as attending the gym, signing up for a monthly fitness membership, and hiring a personal trainer. Best of all, they offered membership discounts at gyms all over the city. I was immediately thrilled at the idea of receiving rewards for attending group fitness classes and improving my physical and mental wellness. I immediately took advantage of the fitness program and began earning cash back on my health insurance policy. I was more than happy to join a gym right up the street, where I could utilize their sauna as well as their high-quality workout equipment. On the days that I couldn’t motivate myself, I could utilize their personal training services or joined a group fitness class for an extra push. I never would have thought that a health insurance company would encourage so much diverse physical activity instead of just taking my money. I’m happy to say, my insurance is extremely affordable and my health is better than ever.


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