Corporate wellness program helps prevent injury

I work in a warehouse. I am employed by a large corporation. I package, tape and move items onto and off trucks that are coming in or heading out for delivery. I also operate heavy machinery to transport the heavier objects to new locations. It is a physically demanding job. I am constantly bending, squatting and lifting. When I initially got hired, the whole staff was young, fit, strong and working hard. As the years have passed, the health of the staff has diminished. As we’ve gotten older, a ton of my fellow workers were out because of injuries. It seemed as if every week somebody was straining their back, falling down or getting hurt on the job in some way. The corporation decided to sign up with a core progression gym to get us in better shape. We are now participating in a corporate wellness program. I am required to attend a fitness class at the core progression center at least four times per week. It is a requirement of the job now. I usually workout in the mornings during the week, prior to starting the job. If I want to take a weekend fitness class, they are usually more crowded. I am taking full advantage of the benefits of the corporate wellness program. I attend every single morning workout. I sometimes choose to go after work as well. The program has taught me how to properly lift objects, squat, even fall without getting hurt. I am in such better shape. I am losing weight because of the heavy cardio drills. I have increased muscle mass because of \the weight lifting portion of our fitness classes. I look and feel so much better now!

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