Pretty girl in my fitness class

There are a whole selection of different types of core progression classes to choose from.

  • I chose a strength training class three evenings per week after work.

The main reason for choosing that particular class is because of the pretty girl. I learned which class and days she attends and made that my fitness routine as well. The personal trainer is really great. The class is worthwhile. However, I am in it for the pretty girl. When I first started the fitness class, the personal trainer asked for my fitness goal. I realized that a date with the pretty girl in class wasn’t a legitimate enough goal. So I answered that I wanted to sculpt the muscles of my arms. I have been put into the weightlifting area of the gym. The pretty girl must have said she wanted more cardio because she is usually at the opposite area and running on the treadmill. It is totally impossible to flirt with her or manage to ask her on a date when we’re kept so far apart. The trainer has us partner up now and then, but my girl has a friend to partner with. I also have a friend to partner with. The final portion of the class involves stretching with the personal trainer. I sit in the back corner while my pretty girl prefers to be situated front and center. The only time I could talk to her is directly after class. I’d need to corner her and quickly beg for a date. Since I have crotch sweat, pit stains and a red face at the end of class, it’s not my best look. I don’t think anyone would want to go out with me at that point. I think I am doomed to admire this gril from afar.