A few days without HVAC gives real perspective

I find it to be so interesting how easily I can be lulled into a familiar, daily routine. It seems as though I can simply roll through the days and nights without really paying attention to what is really happening. Talk about someone who needs to be in the moment a bit more! But, like most of us, I get so caught up with the pace of life and all that is expected of me. I do my best but, a bit of a wake up call can really add some perspective. Our HVAC failing a few weeks ago sure did the trick. The depth of summer is not when you want the HVAC to go out, I assure you. However, I came home one evening and opened the door to a home that was as hot inside as it was outside. I could tell right away that the HVAC had not been on for most of the day. I checked the power and all the other things that I knew to check out. But, there just wasn’t anything that was out of the ordinary except the HVAC was off. It was after hours so, I decided to call the HVAC people in the morning. That was a very warm night. However, it was about to get warmer. The HVAC tech came the next day and after a short inspection told me that he could fix the HVAC. But, it would be a few days before he could get a very specialized part. When I broke the news to my family, they wanted to go stay in a hotel. That stunned me a bit. We couldn’t tough it our for a few days? How soft were we?



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