We don’t have to run the heating system all the time

I was fortunate to grow up in a legitimately special environment.

  • As I was growing up there, I didn’t pay all that much attention to how spectacular the area was.

Sitting here now, the first thing I would say about it is that our region has just the most distinct four seasons of anywhere I have ever lived. The Winters were chilly however the Heating & Air Conditioning, with our gas furnace didn’t run all the time either. The Summer got pretty hot for a while and that required a bit of Heating & Air Conditioning cooling. But again, it didn’t run all the time. However, it was the Springtime and fall that were the most spectacular. It is hard to describe just how pretty those seasons are where I’m from. I live quite a way from my home place these days. But, I do go to visit our parents’ home every Christmas. While I love our folks and I love that region, I would rather have them to come to me. Instead, I have to leave our relatively warm and sunny spot where we live now to travel where the snow and chilly wind is. It does provide for a much more Christmas-like feel to the season. I just don’t like dripping with sweat through Christmas because our mother can’t ease up on the Heating & Air Conditioning settings. That lady insists on keeping the gas furnace on day and night, and it has to be at least 75 degrees in her house. I don’t really know how I stand it. I have to wear shorts and t-shirts just to get through it., and it’s so weird to be kneeling next to a Christmas tree seeing it snow outside while I’m in shorts and flip flops.

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