I need an air-conditioned site.

When I was a little boy I would occasion weeds from the front yard and arrange them with some shrubbery and leaves and supply them to my mother, then they were literal weeds however he was happy to get them and he would put them in an old jar.

I have come a long way since then, and now I am arranging flowers for special events.

No, I don’t use weeds anymore. The flowers I use are a lot more delicate. That’s why I am happy if the sites that I am arranging flowers for have superb a/c. It’s hard to work if I am uncomfortable. It’s hard to get creative when all you can guess about is how tepid and humid you are feeling; Besides, the flowers actually need proper a/c too, but without it, they will look terrible, then occasionally the shoppers leave me awful reviews because their flowers were all lifeless and half-dead by the time they are event started, then as if it’s my fault that they didn’t pay a little extra to have an air conditioned tent. It has gotten so awful that I guess I am going to start refusing contracts that don’t have a/c. I should not have to suffer, and neither should my art, in the heat. Besides, I am selling myself short. I don’t want the awful reviews that come from the heat and I don’t want to suffer for my art. Time to start stepping up my game and insisting on a/c. After all, I am worth it and so are my flowers, then so, if you want live flowers by the time your event starts, you better have an air-conditioned site.
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