Veteran's partner needs a/c

Then I could not guess our eyeah! The whole bill was only $50

I’m only a month as well as a half from delivering our first child. This should be the best time of our life however our husband is deschemed with the Marines. As if that is not strenuous enough, our cooling system just stopped working. I called a few a/c companies however they all want at least $100 just to make an appearance. I genuinely can’t afford that right now! However, I also cannot go without a/c in this heat. That’s why I kept calling different a/c companies, hoping to find one that didn’t cost too much, and eventually, I found an a/c supplier that is owned by a veteran. The receptionist was really nice to me as well as she said they would only charge $50 to make an appearance. She said that that $50 would also go toward any repairs that our cooling system might need. Additionally, they are able to set up a payment idea if the service costs were too high. I was really ecstatic as well as asked them to come over as soon as possible. Later that same morning, the owner of the a/c supplier came as well as looked at our cooling system. He took a long time repairing it as well as I started to worry how much this would end up costing. Payments or not, I still do not want a genuinely heavy bill. A few hours later, the a/c supplier owner showed me our bill as well as there was a long itemized list of repairs. Then I could not guess our eyeah! The whole bill was only $50. When I asked if I would be billed later for the additional work, he said that was the total. I’m so grateful for this help as well as ecstatic that our Air conditioner is working again.

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