Everything I wanted out of my thermostat

I am so damn sentimental our new smart temperature control system; One of our favorite things about it is the way that it reminds myself and others when it’s time to change out the air filters in our Heating and Air Conditioning unit, then prior to when I had this particular temperature control, I was entirely hit or miss when it came to increasing the air filter in our Heating and Air Conditioning unit; I suppose that increasing the air filter is crucial to the health and longevity of your and furnace, and it’s also important for the air quality in your house.

But for some reason, I just could never remember to get my air filters changed when I should.

I would forget all about it and then hastily, our A/C would seem like it wasn’t cooling our lake house as well. I would remember that it was way past time to change out our air filters. This would happen to myself and others almost every single time, and it was starting to make myself and others mad at myself. I suppose that our bills were a little higher each week because of our lack of attention to our air filters. Anyways, ever since I got this new smart temperature control device for our house, I haven’t had this problem at all! That’s because with the smart temperature control, I get reminders through our smartphone when it’s almost time to change out our air filters, and every day that I forget, the app is right there to remind me yet again that I need to do it, then a nagging reminder is exactly what I need to get myself and others to change the air filters on a timely basis, and I can tell that the temperature control device is helping to lower our cooling costs!


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