The raccoons under our property are okay with me

Ever since I watched my mother rehabilitate plus care for a hurt baby raccoon when I was a little child, I have had a fascination with those wonderful furry little creatures.

They’re so precious when they eventually leave their nest with their mother for the initial time.

They reach early adolescence plus begin growing big coats of lovely speckled plus marbled hair. They follow behind their mother closely plus watch with captivation as she digs for frogs plus rodents. Some people are not huge fans of raccoons, although I feel that they’re adorable. I’m not bothered that a small family of raccoons is remaining warm in our crawl area as our region deals with record breaking lows in the cold season. They never get into our trash plus it’s entirely clear they’re under there trying to survive in the gelid temperatures that are 20 below zero. Since I have radiant heated flooring in my property, they are actually able to feel some of that heat resting below the property. Granted, a majority of the heat is rising from the floors plus going in the opposite direction altogether, however still creates a thermal bubble below that property that further insulates the building from the harsh Winter environment. Not to mention the lifesaving effect it is having on that family of raccoons as they brace themselves for a very rough winter. I hope whatever little bit of heat from our radiant heated floors manages to reach them as they stand below our property. I sincerely wonder if other creatures have crawled under our property in tandem with the raccoons. I honestly don’t want an infestation of rodents by any means, however for now the raccoons aren’t actually hurting anybody, let alone our property plus us.

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