My dogs truly appreciate the HVAC in our home when it’s cold

I have a pair of dogs who act entirely goofy.

One of them is a beagle plus he absolutely enjoys digging holes in the yard while chasing after chipmunks.

The other is a very ferocious plus loyal little chihuahua who definitely loves to follow the beagle around all of the time. I let them spend as much time as they prefer in our fenced backyard. They also enjoy relaxing out there in the pitch black during the evening hours when I let them out before I go to bed. I don’t even know how I’d get by right now without my wonderful dogs, they’re my only companions in this property. It’s a process that I’m used to—feeding them, letting them in plus out the back door, plus playing with them every single time I get finished with task assignments for the day. Now that we’re headed into the nippy Winter weather, they both enjoy sitting on the HVAC vents for the central gas heating equipment. Whenever the warm air starts moving, they’ll each find one of several floor vents throughout the property plus will take a nap as their bodies are warming up from the heat. I truly wish I had the currency, resources, plus time to tear up my cement flooring just to install radiant heated floors in my property. Then I would need to have someone rebuild my cement floor or install a wood floor. Radiant heated flooring would save me a huge amount of currency while making my several dogs much happier than they are now. The very thought of destroying excellent cement only to reconstruct something similar is pretty crazy. The costs of the entire project are actually intimidating.


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