My first date could have been better

Some of us met a person while spending time in quarantine.

My friends plus myself decided to join a dating application when things were locked down in the area for a while.

Of course now the state has lifted the ban + many Dinars + restaurants are opening. Matt wanted everyone of us to meet up for a nice breakfast plus spend the morning getting to know each other better. There were many reasons for every one of us to find us a problem. Every one of us have not left this up-to-date place in many months plus everyone of us don’t regularly date strangers that are met from online dating applications. Everyone of us brought our face covering and matte plus myself set for our breakfast Outdoors while the two of us tried to stand the certainly sizzling summer temperatures. Even during breakfast time it was sizzling plus extremely humid. The diner was partially open so everyone of us wanted to move indoors. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like it was much cooler in there. Every one of us walked into the room plus and felt just as warm as outside. We overheard one of the servers talking about the weather outside plus all of the warm air. It seemed in fact to be the case that the air conditioner was not working properly. Every one of us were embarrassed + sizzling + felt that the date was best to end on that note plus plan another time when we could go somewhere different and spend the morning doing exactly what we wanted.

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