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Pretty girl in my fitness class

There are a whole selection of different types of core progression classes to choose from. I chose a strength training class three evenings per week after work. The main reason for choosing that particular class is because of the pretty girl. I learned which class and days she attends and made that my fitness routine […]

Corporate wellness program helps prevent injury

I work in a warehouse. I am employed by a large corporation. I package, tape and move items onto and off trucks that are coming in or heading out for delivery. I also operate heavy machinery to transport the heavier objects to new locations. It is a physically demanding job. I am constantly bending, squatting […]

Never thought I could afford a personal trainer

For my entire life, I have neglected exercising. I’ve always been relatively fit and thin, so it was never a big deal for me to stay home instead of going to the gym. I’ve never really worked out in my entire life, until it became absolutely necessary. A few years ago I noticed that my […]

Work insurance offered wellness program and I love it

When I first started my job they didn’t have insurance available for their employees. Rather than offering health insurance for the entire group, my work was able to provide a $200 monthly stipend so employees could seek their own health insurance if they chose to do so. Eventually, however, this wasn’t going to cover it. […]

Friend showed me yoga and I’m obsessed

A few months ago my friend could clearly tell that I wasn’t doing very well. I had a few difficult years and I think it was obvious that my mental health was affecting the rest of my life. I rarely left the house, I wasn’t being very active, and my health and wellness were suffering. […]

A good way to lose weight

After struggling with weight loss for a long time, I finally decided I needed to do something about it. I had tried diets, starving myself plus even toil out plans, plus nothing was toiling! I even joined up for a health plus fitness center that absolutely did me no good because I could not keep […]

My mom keeps her house at eighty degrees

My mom keeps her house at eighty degrees, and it is ridiculous. When the family comes over, it gets even warmer. It was probably about ninety degrees in my mom’s house this past Christmas. The entire family was dying except for my mom. She had a sweater on and still complained that she was cold. […]

Our air conditioning is not working once again

Our air conditioning is not working once again. Our air conditioning has been everything put reliable these past few weeks. It is just in time for the warm weather too. We started using our air conditioner towards the beginning of April this year. We usually have to start using it a few weeks earlier each […]

We installed central air conditioning in our home

We installed central air conditioning in our home, and it was just in time for the warm weather to hit us. I feel beyond blessed to have central air conditioning throughout our entire house. We dreamed of having central air conditioning in our house for years and years, and now, it is a reality. We […]