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Some people just don't listen

Okay, I need to vent a little. One of the things I really hate about some people is how they naturally assume they are better than you, especially at your job. I don’t know when being a HVAC specialist has become something of lower status to some people, but it’s very annoying. Anyways, there’s a […]

I walked out on a customer

I have been a HVAC professional for several years now, and I have seen a lot of things. For the most part I met a lot of good people that would badly need their HVAC devices looked at, and I would happily oblige. I’ve also met that occasional rude or silent person, but that doesn’t […]

Quality in HVAC can make a big difference

You really don’t realize how much impact your heating and cooling system can have on you until you get a bad quality one and compare it to your great quality ones. I kind of like to think of it when I had great quality headphones. My original pair of headphones was like $200 brand new, […]

Someone stole all the firewood

I really have to wonder about humans sometimes. I want to believe that they are mostly inherently good. However, the fact is that I have seen this disproven over and over again in my lifetime. I am definitely a bit jaded when it comes to trusting other members of my species. It doesn’t help that […]

Winterizing the family cabin is expensive

A few years ago when my father passed away and my brothers and I had a lot of decisions to make. Suddenly, we were responsible for all of his property and belongings. We had to figure out the legal issues that decided how all of his worldly possessions would be dealt with. It was very […]

Glad to find warm local hangout

I can tell you that I have never been the type of person who enjoyed spending my time with barflies. When it comes to my favorite activities on this planet, they generally do not include drinking beer with a bunch of dirt balls. I am much happier being by myself, drawing, writing, and exploring my […]