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My allergies were saved by superb air quality

My seasonal allergies gave myself and others hell every year… Until one afternoon, when it just became a lot worse. Whenever there was someone smoking or whenever I got into a cab that had cheap, ghastly air freshener, I started sneezing. Somehow, our body didn’t want to wait for pollen or the smell of freshly-cut […]

If this kid could do it, I could do it too

There’s this kid in town, we refer to him as Bobby the Heating and A/C tech. He is the only Heating and A/C equipment professional in the area, and he keeps all his tools and Heating and A/C equipment at his property. He decided to go to some expensive Heating and A/C trade school where […]

I’m also the talk of the town these days

There’s this girl in town, the bunch of us call her Haley the Heating plus A/C tech. She basically is the only Heating plus A/C device worker in town, in addition to she keeps all her tools in addition to Heating plus A/C components at her household. She actually went to some costly Heating plus […]

We both are the talk of the town now

So I started my own little HVAC business in town and people started hearing the news. There’s this kid in town, we call him Randy the HVAC tech. He basically is the only HVAC technician in town, and he keeps all his tools and HVAC equipment at his home. He actually went to some fancy […]