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They made a great offer

I had been searching to get a good HVAC service plan. I had called many different heating and air conditioning companies and none of them had a good deal for what I was looking for. I finally got this one heating and cooling company on the phone that was really trying to sell me hard […]

What’s that awful smell?

The other day when I woke up there was this awful smell coming out of my air vents! It smelled like a toilet but much worse to tell you the truth. This ended up going on for a few days and I thought I was going to really be deathly sick. Well, I called the […]

The old photo shop

Way back in the day I used to work at an old photo shop. These were one of those photo shops that people went to have pictures developed at. Long before the instant things we have today with cell phone cameras and digital photography, this was the way and the only way to take pictures! […]