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My dad and my uncle own a little wood shop

My dad and my Uncle Jim own a little wood shop here in town. They started it up after they both retired a few years ago. They have always wanted to own their own wood shop because they are both very skilled at making all kinds of things like shelves, furniture, and even utensils. I […]

The cooling system at the zoo tore up

Some of the best animals at the zoo are the ones in the cold weather habitats. My kids love going to visit the sea lions, seals, penguins, and polar bears. They are really fun to watch and my kids love learning all about them. My daughter even has a giant stuffed polar bear on her […]

Can’t work directly under air vent

For my entire life I have felt like there was something wrong with me. I have an extremely hard time with basic tasks that other people barely seemed to notice. I feel like I can get off balance and distracted rather easily. I do not have ADD, but I am extremely sensitive to all of […]

Dog’s allergies and air filter

I can admit to that my husband and I are a strange couple. We get along amazingly well and we are very happy with the lives that we have created together. However, most people would probably be a bit shocked to walk into our house and see the way that we live. In particular, I […]

Can I call the HVAC company now?

I keep telling my wife that there are certain times when you should call the HVAC company. There are a couple times of year, they seem to be extremely busy. If you call them at that time, they are too busy to come to the house and do the service on your furnace or air […]