Pretty girl in my fitness class

There are a whole selection of different types of core progression classes to choose from.

  • I chose a strength training class three evenings per week after work.

The main reason for choosing that particular class is because of the pretty girl. I learned which class and days she attends and made that my fitness routine as well. The personal trainer is really great. The class is worthwhile. However, I am in it for the pretty girl. When I first started the fitness class, the personal trainer asked for my fitness goal. I realized that a date with the pretty girl in class wasn’t a legitimate enough goal. So I answered that I wanted to sculpt the muscles of my arms. I have been put into the weightlifting area of the gym. The pretty girl must have said she wanted more cardio because she is usually at the opposite area and running on the treadmill. It is totally impossible to flirt with her or manage to ask her on a date when we’re kept so far apart. The trainer has us partner up now and then, but my girl has a friend to partner with. I also have a friend to partner with. The final portion of the class involves stretching with the personal trainer. I sit in the back corner while my pretty girl prefers to be situated front and center. The only time I could talk to her is directly after class. I’d need to corner her and quickly beg for a date. Since I have crotch sweat, pit stains and a red face at the end of class, it’s not my best look. I don’t think anyone would want to go out with me at that point. I think I am doomed to admire this gril from afar.



Corporate wellness program helps prevent injury

I work in a warehouse. I am employed by a large corporation. I package, tape and move items onto and off trucks that are coming in or heading out for delivery. I also operate heavy machinery to transport the heavier objects to new locations. It is a physically demanding job. I am constantly bending, squatting and lifting. When I initially got hired, the whole staff was young, fit, strong and working hard. As the years have passed, the health of the staff has diminished. As we’ve gotten older, a ton of my fellow workers were out because of injuries. It seemed as if every week somebody was straining their back, falling down or getting hurt on the job in some way. The corporation decided to sign up with a core progression gym to get us in better shape. We are now participating in a corporate wellness program. I am required to attend a fitness class at the core progression center at least four times per week. It is a requirement of the job now. I usually workout in the mornings during the week, prior to starting the job. If I want to take a weekend fitness class, they are usually more crowded. I am taking full advantage of the benefits of the corporate wellness program. I attend every single morning workout. I sometimes choose to go after work as well. The program has taught me how to properly lift objects, squat, even fall without getting hurt. I am in such better shape. I am losing weight because of the heavy cardio drills. I have increased muscle mass because of \the weight lifting portion of our fitness classes. I look and feel so much better now!

Health and wellness

Never thought I could afford a personal trainer

For my entire life, I have neglected exercising.

I’ve always been relatively fit and thin, so it was never a big deal for me to stay home instead of going to the gym.

I’ve never really worked out in my entire life, until it became absolutely necessary. A few years ago I noticed that my sedentary lifestyle was leading to some health and wellness declines over time. I was stressed out, stiff, and gaining an unfortunate amount of weight around my midsection. I desperately wanted to get more active so I could improve my overall fitness, as well as my mental wellness. I leapt at the chance to join a local gym when they offered a discounted membership fee on their social media. I was amazed to see that the gym offered so many interesting services, including a free sauna, a swimming pool, and several personal training options. I never actually thought that I could afford a personal trainer of my own, so I was shocked when I looked up their fitness training pricing. It turns out, this gym offered a variety of personal training experts who were ready to develop a personalized nutrition and fitness plan for you for a reasonable fee. They wanted to encourage their gym numbers to get a head start on their physical fitness goals, so they would continue returning to the gym and paying for the membership. As such, the personal trainers were at your disposal for a minimal be on top of your regular monthly membership. Since I got my personal fitness plan, my life has completely changed. Now, I can’t imagine being the fool who doesn’t belong to a gym.

Workout planner

Work insurance offered wellness program and I love it

When I first started my job they didn’t have insurance available for their employees.

Rather than offering health insurance for the entire group, my work was able to provide a $200 monthly stipend so employees could seek their own health insurance if they chose to do so.

Eventually, however, this wasn’t going to cover it. We joined a group health insurance company and I was amazed at what a fantastic experience I had utilizing their fitness and wellness offerings. In order to keep insurance premiums low, you could enroll in special health and fitness programs that tracked your activity each day and give you points for things such as attending the gym, signing up for a monthly fitness membership, and hiring a personal trainer. Best of all, they offered membership discounts at gyms all over the city. I was immediately thrilled at the idea of receiving rewards for attending group fitness classes and improving my physical and mental wellness. I immediately took advantage of the fitness program and began earning cash back on my health insurance policy. I was more than happy to join a gym right up the street, where I could utilize their sauna as well as their high-quality workout equipment. On the days that I couldn’t motivate myself, I could utilize their personal training services or joined a group fitness class for an extra push. I never would have thought that a health insurance company would encourage so much diverse physical activity instead of just taking my money. I’m happy to say, my insurance is extremely affordable and my health is better than ever.


Gym membership

Friend showed me yoga and I’m obsessed

A few months ago my friend could clearly tell that I wasn’t doing very well.

I had a few difficult years and I think it was obvious that my mental health was affecting the rest of my life. I rarely left the house, I wasn’t being very active, and my health and wellness were suffering. I think it was clear that my fitness was on the decline and she became concerned about my well-being. At that point, she kindly recommended that I attend a yoga studio with her and took some group fitness classes. Apparently, the yoga studio right down the street offered some affordable introductory classes if you signed up for a discounted membership on their website. You were able to sample their class workouts and decide if yoga was really worthwhile for you before committing. I decided to join her for a few group strength training classes and immediately fell in love with the yoga studio. I had never done yoga before or been to a group fitness class, so everything was new and challenging to me. I immediately noticed an improvement in my physical and mental wellness as soon as I started regularly practicing this fitness routine. Now, several months later, I have a full monthly membership to the yoga studio and I’m one of their most fit clients. My body condition has improved enormously and my wellness score has climbed through the roof, overall. I love waking up everyday feeling strong, healthy, and fit. And as great as a tight tush is, I’m really glad that my mental health has improved at the same time.

Nutritional Programs

A good way to lose weight

After struggling with weight loss for a long time, I finally decided I needed to do something about it.

I had tried diets, starving myself plus even toil out plans, plus nothing was toiling! I even joined up for a health plus fitness center that absolutely did me no good because I could not keep up with all the fitness devices they had there. My last opportunity was the one that absolutely worked after so long. And that was to hire a personal training service to help me lose weight! By getting a personal training service I had a private personal trainer come to our beach house a few times a month plus get me to do all the toil out plans that she laid for me. While this was undoubtedly tiring at first, eventually I fell right into it plus was able to keep up with the program so to speak. It ended up taking me almost a year of using the personal trainer from the personal training service to begin seeing the good results I desired with weight loss. But now that I have, I was able to quit the personal trainer from the personal training service. However, what I do now is still keep up with our yearly exercise plus now I have rejoined the health plus fitness center because I am in shape enough to keep up with all of their undoubtedly advanced plus high tech fitness equipment! I am now feeling great! And it is all thanks to the private personal trainer I had from the woman training service I hired!



Membership discounts

My mom keeps her house at eighty degrees

My mom keeps her house at eighty degrees, and it is ridiculous.

When the family comes over, it gets even warmer.

It was probably about ninety degrees in my mom’s house this past Christmas. The entire family was dying except for my mom. She had a sweater on and still complained that she was cold. I would understand if she were older, but she is only in her fifties. She shouldn’t be that cold. I tried mentioning it to her, and she did not seem to understand what I was talking about. I told her that it was ninety degrees in the house and she would not believe me. I finally got her to look at the thermostat, but she still didn’t believe it. She read the thermostat which said ninety-one degrees, and she said that it must be wrong. It was definitely not wrong. It was that warm in her house. I found a few space heaters that were on in the living room and dining room. I turned them off, but I did not tell her. It seemed to cool down a little bit after that. We simply cannot have family gatherings there anymore if she plans to keep her house at eighty degrees all of the time. I will bring an air conditioner next year if I have to. No one was comfortable except her, but she refused to notice. I love my mom dearly. She is the sweetest person on earth. She is considerate of others except when it comes to heating I guess. I just cannot believe that she likes her house that warm.

New HVAC equipment

Our air conditioning is not working once again

Our air conditioning is not working once again.

Our air conditioning has been everything put reliable these past few weeks. It is just in time for the warm weather too. We started using our air conditioner towards the beginning of April this year. We usually have to start using it a few weeks earlier each year, but this year the weather has been a bit cooler. It has actually been quite nice not having the air conditioning on until now. I do wish that we would have tried it out sooner though. Then, we would have known that our air conditioning was not working correctly before the warm weather hit us. As soon as we started using the air conditioner, it had issues. It just wasn’t cooling the house enough. It would get the house down to about seventy-five degrees but no cooler. It was not fun at all. The house was just so warm. We decided to call an HVAC company after dealing with the heat for about a week. They sent an HVAC technician to come and check it out. He told us that our air conditioner was just low on coolant. He filled it up and said there were no other issues. My husband and I knew that there was something more to it. Well, our air conditioner is having issues again, and it has only been about two weeks. If it is low on coolant again, we will know that it is for sure leaking. We will be calling a different HVAC company this time though. The last guy simply didn’t know what he was talking about.


air filter

I enjoy working out now that we have central air conditioning

I enjoy working out now that we have central air conditioning. I have never liked working out at home before because I found it really difficult to workout when I was so hot. Our house was quite warm. I got used to it during the day when I was just doing household chores or cooking, but when it came to working out, it was just too warm for me. I tried to workout at home wherever it was cooler outside, but it is pretty warm where we live for most of the year, so I rarely got to workout at home. I started paying for a gym membership when I was twenty years old, and I had the same membership for over fifteen years. My husband and I just had central air conditioning installed in our home, and for the first time ever, I can actually stand to workout at home. It is so nice! We will be saving over thirty dollars a month on a gym membership too. I have to say goodbye to my old workout buddies, but I am super excited to be able to workout at home. The central air conditioning in our house works wonderfully. I was a bit concerned about it because my husband installed it all on his own. It is not that I didn’t trust him to do a good job installing the central air conditioning, it is just that he had never done any sort of HVAC work before that. He is a mechanic not an HVAC technician. Now, I believe that he could indeed be an HVAC technician if he wanted to because he did a fantastic job installing our central air conditioning.


a/c corporation

We installed central air conditioning in our home

We installed central air conditioning in our home, and it was just in time for the warm weather to hit us.

I feel beyond blessed to have central air conditioning throughout our entire house.

We dreamed of having central air conditioning in our house for years and years, and now, it is a reality. We honestly thought that we would never be able to afford it. It was just a dream to us and nothing else. My husband became good friends with a guy for our church who is an HVAC technician. They were talking one day, and my husband happened to mention that we had always wanted central air conditioning throughout our house. My husband was not asking for anything.He was just telling a friend about what he would like in his house, eventually. Well, Luke, his HVAC friend, offered to instal a central air conditioning system in our house for free. He even said that he could get us a really good price on a unit as well. My husband and I were shocked at the offer. We took him up on his offer, and we had central air conditioning throughout our house in less than a month. It was one of the nicest things that anyone has ever done for us. We will never be able to repay him for what he did for us, but he wouldn’t want us to. I am very glad that we are friends with an HVAC technician. HVAC work is expensive, and we have already saved thousands of dollars because of Luke’s generosity. We would never have central air conditioning in our home if it wasn’t for Luke.

a/c professional