Some people just don't listen

Okay, I need to vent a little.

One of the things I really hate about some people is how they naturally assume they are better than you, especially at your job.

I don’t know when being a HVAC specialist has become something of lower status to some people, but it’s very annoying. Anyways, there’s a few repeat customers I have at my HVAC business, and they are the type I hate to deal with. The type that instantly assumes they know more than you, and any advice you give just goes through one ear and out the other. It’s insanely frustrating. A great example of this is last Thursday, I went to one of these customer’s houses, because their A/C was making a strange clicking noise, and not the usual clicking noise they make when they turn on. I go and inspect the air conditioning unit, and I see why it is making a strange noise. The capacitor was about to fail, which was serious and could mess up their entire heating and cooling system. Suddenly, they changed their mind and thought I was over worrying and figured that it was a branch tapping against their HVAC device. I’m not sure why they would call me out if they thought it was a branch, but whatever, it’s their money. I warned them anyway that they needed a new capacitor, but I could tell that they weren’t listening. Guess what I had to do a few weeks later? Yep, replace their entire air conditioning device because the capacitor had destroyed it. I still have this customer, and they still don’t listen to me. Some people never learn.

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I walked out on a customer

I have been a HVAC professional for several years now, and I have seen a lot of things.

For the most part I met a lot of good people that would badly need their HVAC devices looked at, and I would happily oblige.

I’ve also met that occasional rude or silent person, but that doesn’t bother me much. I met plenty of demanding helicopter people, who seem to think they know better than me, this can get on my nerves, but I still remember this one incident that I won’t forget. It was a usual day at my HVAC corporation and I was sent out because someone’s heater wasn’t working. I drove to this person’s place, walked in and was met by a rude man. I didn’t think much of it, and I just got to work on this guy’s heating unit. Suddenly, I heard yelling coming from the living room of the house, and then high pitched screaming. I got up and looked in there, and this man was beating his wife! I just walked out and went straight to the police station. Looking back, I honestly wish I just went and beat him up myself, but then I could be arrested, and I am not taking that chance. I didn’t hear much as to what happened to him, but about a month later, I see his face on the TV and he’s on the news, being arrested for assaulting a cop and domestic abuse. I was incredibly glad that he was arrested, I only hope his wife got the help she needed. That was the most interesting thing that happened while I was working at my HVAC job, and I can still remember it like yesterday.

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It's good to be friends with a HVAC repairman

That’s why I always ask beforehand to make sure he is okay with dealing with all of my air conditioning and heating system needs

I guess I have it lucky. I know a doctor, lawyer and engineer. Whenever I have an issue, I take it up to my 3 friends. As of recently, my 4th friend has become certified for being a HVAC technician. Because of this, he will give me the family and friends discount at his HVAC company, although he sometimes will give repairs away for free for us as well. Having a HVAC repairman in your life might not seem all that special or important, until you realize how much money you are probably spending on your HVAC systems. Most people don’t realize how much money they end up spending on the A/C and furnace in the long run. I do, and that’s why I am glad to have a HVAC specialist friend who can help me in a time of need, especially since I will be saving a ton of money in the long run! I always ask my HVAC guy if he is okay with repairing my heating and cooling component, because while I am always open for freebies, I don’t want him to feel that I only want him around because he is a HVAC tech. Nor do I want him to feel like I am just taking advantage of him. That’s why I always ask beforehand to make sure he is okay with dealing with all of my air conditioning and heating system needs. Thankfully, my friend is a very generous person, and is usually okay with helping me, so it works out for us both.


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I get distracted to easily and it can cost me sometimes

One of my flaws is that I can sometimes get distracted.

  • While this isn’t always bad, it can definitely be bad when I am doing something important, get distracted, and then forget what I was originally doing.

This is something I unfortunately combat while working, I start out with a great work ethic, and then something whether it be a thought or something physical, distracts me and my mind wanders for a few minutes. A few minutes isn’t too bad, if it wasn’t for the fact that I probably get distracted every 10 minutes or so. My wife has really gotten on to me about this, because I keep messing stuff up. Just a few days ago, she left to pick up leftover groceries and left me with the responsibility of watching over the food cooking. Well, I became distracted by something interesting on TV and forgot about it, and it was burned. My wife wasn’t happy and we had to eat leftovers. My easily distracted nature almost got me into trouble this week as well. You see, I was supposed to call a HVAC business for an appointment for HVAC maintenance. It was that time of the year where our heating and cooling unit needs maintenance. I mentally reminded myself not to forget, but then I was distracted by someone walking their dog outside. I didn’t remember to make the HVAC appointment until a few days later when it just randomly popped up in my head. Thankfully, my wife never found out about that one, and we are supposed to have the HVAC technician out this Friday.

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Quality in HVAC can make a big difference

You really don’t realize how much impact your heating and cooling system can have on you until you get a bad quality one and compare it to your great quality ones.

I kind of like to think of it when I had great quality headphones.

My original pair of headphones was like $200 brand new, and when they broke I decided to go cheap and get a pair for $20. Wow, there was a big difference! I didn’t appreciate how great my great quality headphones were until I had to deal with the cheap version. The reason why I bring this up is because as of recently, I am having the same thing with my HVAC system. After several years, I have finally purchased the house of my dreams complete with a full functioning central A/C system. When I moved in, I not only loved how huge this house was, but how it felt! It felt utterly incredible compared to the cramped apartment I came from. The HVAC unit was practically brand new, and it just made the entire house feel great, whether it be heating or cooling the air. My apartment’s little window A/C system always made the apartment feel dusty and stale, and I tried to get my landlord to send a HVAC professional out, but that never happened. I am amazed at the difference in HVAC quality, and how they can really make your house feel like a home. After experiencing this, I am neve going back to bad air quality and bad air conditioning systems!


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No wonder early humans lived in packs; fire is a full time job

I have been learning a lot about shame lately. If you aren’t familiar with the emotion, let me tell you that it is rather interesting. Shame is actually an evolutionary mechanism that was developed to encourage us to be pro social animals. In our distant evolutionary history humans were dedicated pack animals who relied on each other to survive. Therefore, we need an unpleasant internal sensation to keep us from acting like jerks. This is shame. I can admit, I didn’t really understand why it was so important for people to live in groups… Until we had to rely on a fireplace for warmth last week. Normally, we have a modern forced air furnace that connects to our central heating and cooling system. We utilize the inefficient heating system to keep our indoor air at a manageable degree all winter long. Without the large heating implement we would definitely not be capable of living in this cold and unpredictable climate. However, last week we had an unfortunate energy failure that made our forced air furnace useless. Suddenly, we needed an alternative form of heat in order to survive. We turned to the traditional wood burning fireplace that generally was only decorative in our household for warmth. This is the first time that I realized how difficult it is to keep a fire burning as a temperature control unit. You have to continually be supplying dry, high-quality wood to the flames in order for the fireplace heat to accumulate in the house. After two days of nursing a flame, I absolutely understood why humans had to stick together in the days before modern HVAC.


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House will need full ductwork replacement; mold

A few months ago my husband and I made a very bad decision. We have been trying to get into the real estate game for several years now due to our mutual interest in flipping properties and performing DIY repairs. We were certain that we could spot a nugget of gold among a pile of crap. So, when the housing market took a dive we decided to invest in a local property for the first time. Little did we know, we were getting in way over our heads. The trouble all started when we got into the house and realized that the indoor air smelled terrible. It seemed like the house had been sealed up with mold and mildew for a century. The more we looked around, the more damage that we found from airborne humidity and contaminants. We knew that it wouldn’t be a big deal to take care of the mold and mildew along the walls and windows… But then we started thinking about the central heating and cooling system. How was the HVAC equipment fairing considering this air quality issue was clearly an ongoing problem? We started investigating the heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment little by little. We found that the furnace and air conditioning unit were relatively new and they were in working order. However, every time we utilized the heating or cooling system we were exposed to the noxious odor of mold and mildew again. That’s when we made a horrible discovery… The airborne contaminants were emanating from the extensive ductwork. All of the ductwork was filled with mold and mildew and would need to be replaced. Now we have a real investment on our hands.


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Someone stole all the firewood

I really have to wonder about humans sometimes.

I want to believe that they are mostly inherently good.

However, the fact is that I have seen this disproven over and over again in my lifetime. I am definitely a bit jaded when it comes to trusting other members of my species. It doesn’t help that people are continually providing new evidence to solidify this suspicion of the species. Recently, my fear of people was proven once again when I attempted to go spend time with my mom and realized that we were in the middle of a heating disaster. My mom lives in a cold and distant part of the country that I tend to avoid. I am not a fan of brutal outdoor air temperatures that dip below 0 degrees on a regular basis. I really don’t enjoy using a central heating system day in and day out to survive. It’s not my idea of fun to shovel a driveway or rely on a forced air furnace to keep frostbite at bay. All of that being said, I thought that I could suck it up and have a nice holiday with my mom despite the cold indoor and outdoor climates. Little did I know, I was going to arrive at her house just in time to have zero heat. Apparently, my mom’s central heating system had broken down a few weeks earlier. Rather than repairing the expensive furnace system that kept her alive, she was relying on her traditional wood burning fireplace for warmth. The morning that I arrived at her house was the morning when she went outside to gather some wood… Only to realize that the entire stack of heating fuel was stolen. I’m freezing cold and I hate people.
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Winterizing the family cabin is expensive

A few years ago when my father passed away and my brothers and I had a lot of decisions to make.

Suddenly, we were responsible for all of his property and belongings.

We had to figure out the legal issues that decided how all of his worldly possessions would be dealt with. It was very stressful and we wound up making more than a few mistakes. One of them included hanging onto the old family cabin where he used to live. We thought we should keep his memory alive by utilizing the rudimentary structure which was located in the far north part of the country. We realized that it was very cold up there most of the year and nobody would enjoy the outdoor air temperature enough to utilize the property. However, in the summers the relatively cool air was going to be a godsend for anyone who needed a vacation. We decided that the cost of an air conditioning system was manageable. We never stopped and considered the fact that it costs money to prepare a property for an ice cold winter season. It actually is rather complicated to keep a house from being destroyed by cold weather. First of all, you can’t turn off the heating system. If you turn off the heat your pipes will burst and the property will be ruined. Therefore, we have to keep the old boiler system running to provide heat to the house even when nobody is there. Each year we spend a fortune in energy bills when no one is even utilizing the old house.


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Glad to find warm local hangout

I can tell you that I have never been the type of person who enjoyed spending my time with barflies.

When it comes to my favorite activities on this planet, they generally do not include drinking beer with a bunch of dirt balls. I am much happier being by myself, drawing, writing, and exploring my introspective existence. All of that being said, I can tell you that there are times when I will take a local bar over my own house. Namely, when the outdoor air temperature dips below zero degrees. You see, I have a rather inefficient heating and cooling system at my house. When I moved into the residence the realtor told me that the heating and cooling units were about 5 years old. The truth is, the forced air furnace and air conditioning unit are about 25 years old. I have been saving up my money as much as possible to replace the entire ventilation system with something that will actually manage the indoor air temperature. However, this means that I have to be very careful with my monthly spending on my utilities and energy bill in order to put money in the bank. I cannot count on my HVAC system to provide any kind of indoor temperature control without racking up an enormous Energy bill. So, every time the outdoor air temperature starts to take a nosedive I like to relocate somewhere else. I can avoid using my own central heating system if I go hang out at one of the local bars in town. As long as it’s warm and I have ear plugs, I can get by for the sake of my HVAC goals.


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