I recently found out about same day service HVAC vans

I recently found out about something that has definitely changed my life for the better! I never even knew that this type of thing existed until recently. See, it was the beginning of the fall season and the weather was finally cooling off. We had a long, hot summer here and I had a whole lot of issues with my air conditioning system through the whole summer season. I ended up having to call my HVAC company several times throughout the summer to have air conditioning repairs done and it was super annoying. I would have to call, get an appointment, take off work, and wait around the house until the HVAC repairman showed up. This was a huge inconvenience, as you can probably guess. Well, this fall, when I turned on the heating system for the first time, nothing happened! I thought that I was going to end up with the same problem with my furnace system that I had with the A/C earlier in the year and I was getting so frustrated. But then I happened to hear an ad on the radio for a local HVAC company that has this new thing called same day service vans. Apparently, they have these HVAC maintenance trucks that are placed strategically throughout the service area and whenever they get a call, they can be at your house literally within minutes. They have most of the repair supplies that they need right there on the truck! This sort of HVAC repair service is exactly what I need in my life!


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My husband’s dad never taught him to fix anything

My husband grew up with a dad who was not very talented at fixing things at all.

He never really learned how to fix anything when he was growing up and so he didn’t teach my husband how to fix things either.

That wasn’t that big of a deal whenever we were dating, but now that we are married I really wish that he knew more about how to do maintenance and repair work. This is especially true when it comes to our HVAC system. It seems like we are constantly having to call the local heating and cooling company to have them come and do repairs and maintenance work for us. I know that if my husband knew how to do regular heating and cooling maintenance then we would be saving a ton of money on HVAC bills. It’s annoying to me, to tell you the truth. I mean, of course I knew what I was signing up for because he didn’t know a thing about HVAC maintenance when we met, but when you’re married it’s different. I think you just end up expecting more when you’re married, for some reason. It’s the bills that annoy me the most, though. Every time we get a bill from our HVAC company for a furnace repair or for regular maintenance like air filter changes, I remember the fact that my dad knew how to do all of that stuff. My husband, on the other hand, is costing us money every single time the HVAC technician has to come to the house!


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My dad and my uncle own a little wood shop

My dad and my Uncle Jim own a little wood shop here in town.

They started it up after they both retired a few years ago. They have always wanted to own their own wood shop because they are both very skilled at making all kinds of things like shelves, furniture, and even utensils. I never thought that they would go so far as to open up their own shop, but they have done it. They are actually doing really well, and word of mouth advertising is really starting to get them a lot of business at this point. Anyway, they figured out the hard way at the beginning of this venture that they were going to have to have a top of the line heating and cooling system in the wood shop. Apparently, the humidity levels inside of a wood shop are super important in keeping your wood and tools and supplies at the right temperatures. When they first opened up, they were just using a regular old electric space heater to try and keep warm when they were outside working in the cold temperatures. They learned right away that this was not going to work very well for them, though. The uneven temperatures in the shop caused the wood to warp and tear up and so that was definitely a bad thing. They talked to a commercial HVAC company here in town who set them up with a really great HVAC system especially made to regulate humidity. Now they indoor air quality in the wood shop is the best!

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The cooling system at the zoo tore up

Some of the best animals at the zoo are the ones in the cold weather habitats.

My kids love going to visit the sea lions, seals, penguins, and polar bears.

They are really fun to watch and my kids love learning all about them. My daughter even has a giant stuffed polar bear on her bed that she sleeps with at night. Well, the weather has been cooling off a lot around here lately, and we started thinking about the cold weather animals and how they probably love it. The thing is, back in the summer when we went to the zoo, the cooling system in that part of the park tore up and the cold weather habitats weren’t working. My kids were worried that the polar bears and penguins weren’t going to be cold enough and they got really upset about it. So when the weather started cooling off this year, they immediately started thinking about the animals at the zoo. They wanted to go check in on their favorite animals just to make sure that they were all doing okay after the summer. Since the weather was cooling off last week when we headed out to the zoo, we all wore our winter coats and boots. We were concerned that it might be too cold outside for us to enjoy ourselves. At least in certain areas of the zoo, they have these big portable gas heating units set up so that you can warm your hands and noses up. We did notice that at the northern section of the zoo, there were no heaters set up at all. I guess the animals up there are really loving the cold temperatures after all.


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Seal up that house – window cling, fireplace, door gaps

Then, I began insulating her home

When my mom kept telling me that she could not control her monthly bills I knew that she needed some help. I was glad to assist with developing a budget for her. However, I needed to know exactly what was so expensive in her life. Of course, we couldn’t get rid of her prescription medications that controlled her indoor and outdoor allergies. We also could not tear apart her grocery bills which keeps her temperamental digestive system in order. However, looking at her energy bills I could tell that there was a big problem. My mom insisted that she did not over use her central heating, cooling, or air quality control system… But she didn’t feel like the indoor air handling devices were working very efficiently, either. That’s when I decided it was a good idea to arrange a professional heating, swollen, and ventilation inspection. Besides that, I insisted that I would help my mom make her house more energy efficient. If we can better insulate her home we would keep her expensive treated air inside and cut down on her overall HVAC reliance. I went over to her house one day with all the supplies I needed. Insulated window clings, insulation, and sealant for her doors and windows. I carefully went around the house and located the areas that her high quality HVAC treated air was escaping. Then, I began insulating her home. Within one day my mom said that her indoor air temperature and air quality felt more stable. By the next month, she had reduced her energy bills by over 25%. I’m sure the HVAC appointment helped, but I think my insulation really did the trick.



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Can’t work directly under air vent

For my entire life I have felt like there was something wrong with me.

I have an extremely hard time with basic tasks that other people barely seemed to notice.

I feel like I can get off balance and distracted rather easily. I do not have ADD, but I am extremely sensitive to all of the conditions around me. This relates to the lighting, the odors, and the quality of the indoor air. If any of these indoor environmental factors are not appropriate, I can easily struggle to keep my focus. This is why I had to move desks at work several times thanks to the overabundant indoor air temperature control system that seemed to torment me wherever I went. It started when I realized that there was a large air vent situated directly over my desk. Every time the commercial air conditioning system started running I was completely distracted by the brutally cold air that was flowing down on top of my head. I tried to wear sweaters and coats to neutralize the effects of the uncomfortable indoor air. However, no matter what I did I could still feel the icy draft. When I was covered in goosebumps it was nearly impossible to get a single thing accomplished. I soon found myself relocating around the office as I attempted to escape the uncomfortable heating, cooling, and air quality control settings. No matter where I went, however, I was still affected by the uneven hot and cold temperatures that emanated from the large central heating and cooling system. In the end, I was fired from that job after my boss stated that I made up excuses about the heating and cooling system rather than completing my work each day.



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Fresh air – high tech AC feels like fresh breeze

I am the kind of person who does not enjoy being penned up indoors.

When other people talk about laying around and watching Netflix all day I start feeling restless and claustrophobic immediately. I’m definitely not a fan of wasting my time as the hours pass me by. When I see the sun setting and I realize that I have not spent enough time collecting rays that day I get extremely depressed. I also despise the feeling of artificial indoor air. I know a lot of folks who are obsessed with their central heating, cooling, and air quality control Systems. They complain about having extremely high energy bills every month because they can’t stop using the thermostat. They regularly call the local heating, cooling, and ventilation control dealership because they have so many issues with their indoor air quality devices breaking down. I don’t understand any of these HVAC complications. In fact, I would rather keep my windows open for fresh air rather than relying on expensive artificial air. That being said, I recently met my match when I realized that there was a high-powered air conditioning unit that could offer me the feeling of fresh air right inside my house. When I experienced this high quality cooling system myself, it was a game-changer. I immediately stopped thinking so poorly of indoor air handling devices in the wake of this new heating and cooling gadget. I’m not saying that I’m ready to give up my outdoor lifestyle, but I think I might be willing to upgrade my air conditioning system.


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Dog’s allergies and air filter

I can admit to that my husband and I are a strange couple.

We get along amazingly well and we are very happy with the lives that we have created together.

However, most people would probably be a bit shocked to walk into our house and see the way that we live. In particular, I think it is startling when people find out that we have five dogs and four cats inside of our house. To be honest, I have never thought that our animals were overly abundant. That being said, when one of our dogs began suffering from indoor allergies because of the amount of hair and pet dander in our indoor air I had to stop and think for a moment. It seems crazy to me that our dog could be allergic to other dogs. However, apparently his respiratory distress and runny eyes were caused by the amount of dust, dander, and fur floating through our central heating, cooling, and air quality control system. Our veterinarian recommended that we have our entire air handling system renovated before we bother purchasing expensive allergy medications for our dog. Now, we have a brand new air conditioning unit, forced air furnace, and even an air purification system that service our indoor air. I regularly change the air filters with HEPA air filtration devices so we can remove even more of the airborne toxins that bother my dog. On top of that, our central heating, cooling, and air quality control technician comes over at least once a month for a duct work cleaning and HVAC equipment inspection. I never knew that keeping a household of animals could be so complicated, until they started making each other sick with low-quality indoor air.


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It is so cold that my fingers are blue.

I have been working as a maintenance man for almost twenty years.

Most of my work is done during the winter.

I am the one who clears all of the snow away from the school lots so the kids are able to get to school. I clean all of the school lots and take care of the school buses. I love my job and I love that it is seasonal. The rest of the year I work for the school district as a maintenance man. I used to be an HVAC technician before I retired. I now do all of the maintenance on the HVAC system in the school district. Last year I was plowing snow. The heating system in the truck had died and before I was able to finish the snow plowing, my fingers were turning blue. I knew that when I got back to the school, it was going to be warm and I would be able to get a hot cup of coffee to warm my hands. It took almost four hours to do just one parking lot and then I headed to the school. I walked into the school and I shivered. It was almost as cold as it was outside. Once I got into the furnace room, I realized that someone had turned the thermostat down for the weekend. It hadn’t been turned back up as it normally would be, if it hadn’t snowed. If only fixing the truck heater would have been so simple. I had no idea how to work on the HVAC system for a vehicle.


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Can I call the HVAC company now?

I keep telling my wife that there are certain times when you should call the HVAC company.

There are a couple times of year, they seem to be extremely busy.

If you call them at that time, they are too busy to come to the house and do the service on your furnace or air conditioning unit. If you call during those times, the HVAC company puts you on a waiting list. I have already been on that list for weeks, waiting to be called back and never getting the call. Being on the list is almost as bad as needing to have an HVAC technician come to the house when it is an extremely busy weather season. When you are on the list for HVAC service, it isn’t an emergency. If you call because your furnace or air conditioning system has quit working during a heatwave or blizzard, you probably aren’t going to be the first caller. You had better hope you have a back up heating or cooling system for these times. I purchased a maintenance and repair agreement. The maintenance and repair agreement puts me at the top of the list when it comes time to have my system serviced. I already have my place in line, and all I have to do is reply to their message and approve the date. When my wife began asking if she should call to have the furnace serviced, I told her she had to wait. I knew they would soon be calling to set up the appointment, without my calling.

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